Kuvalähde: Keski-Suomen museon kuva-arkisto.
(1810 - 1893)
district physician, developer of the Finnish language, authority on social issues

Wolmar Styrbjörn Schildt (1810-93) was a well-known advocate of the Finnish cause and language and provincial aspirations of Central Finland. He introduced several new words to the Finnish language, e.g., the words 'tiede' (science) and 'taide' (art). Schildt founded the Jyväskylä Lyceum and supported the activities of the teacher training college and school for girls. Schildt served as the district physician of Jyväskylä, edited the Kansan Lehti newspaper and was known throughout the country as a prolific writer under the pseudonym W. Kilpinen. Schildt also had an influence on economic life, being the founder of Jyväskylä Savings Bank and its first manager.

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