Kuvalähde: Keski-Suomen museon kuva-arkisto.
(1834 - 1900)
merchant, factory manager, honorary counsellor

Johan Parviainen (1834-1900) began his business career as a young shop assistant, whereupon he opened his own linen drapery and general merchandise shop. Parviainen was also successful in the grain and timber trade and he started to carry both passengers and freight in his ships on Lake Päijänne. He also built his own shipyard. Parviainen next moved into the sawmill industry and founded the Korkeakoski sawmill. He also owned a distillery there. Parviainen founded a leather factory in Jyväskylä and was the co-owner of the Karstula ironworks. In addition to these, he owned other smaller industrial plants. At the end of the 19th century Parviainen moved his sawmill business from Jyväskylä to Säynätsalo. He held a number of positions of trust, serving among other things as a member of Jyväskylä City Council. In 1884 Parviainen had the distinction of becoming Central Finland's first honorary counsellor.

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