Welcome onboard an armchair tour of Central Finland, a province famous for its lake scenery! In addition to its scenery Central Finland is known as a bastion of Finnish culture and for the pure Finnish language spoken in the region.

On the web pages detailing the province of Central Finland there's a a chance to discover how Central Finland developed from an area of wilderness and burnt-over woodland into a province of forest and metal industry, IT and wellness technology. The web site provides a brief introduction to the province's history and development, well-known Central Finnish figures as well as Central Finland in map form. Central Finland's scenery can also be explored through the site. The time line running along the bottom of the page explains what happened in Central Finland at different times.

The web site of Central Finland is part of a more comprehensive Central Finland web site put together by Suomalaisuuskeskus Finnica (Virtual Centre for Finnish Culture).

FACTS about Central Finland are also available as well as information on TOURISM in the region. Feedback about the site should be sent to finnica@jkl.fi