Kuvalähde: Keski-Suomen museon kuva-arkisto.
pioneers of civil aviation

The Karhumäki brothers, who were born in Multia and then worked in Jyväskylä and Halli (Kuorevesi), played an important role in the early phase of civil aviation in Central Finland. The best known Karhumäki brothers were Niilo Karhumäki (1902-78) and Valto Karhumäki (1905-85). Ever since childhood the brothers were interested in aeroplanes and automobiles. Niilo was interested in flying itself, while Valto preferred the technical side. Once Niilo had passed the Defence Corps flying course, the brothers set out to build their first aeroplane Karhu I. The Karhumäki brothers staged their first public flights in Jyväskylä in the late autumn of 1927. Niilo Karhumäki started giving flying lessons in 1932. The Karhumäkis are also known throughout Finland for their aerial photographs, which depicted towns and other village centres, public buildings, industrial plants and manor houses. As of the year 1933 a photographic laboratory for developing these photographs operated in connection with the Karhumäkis' aeroplane factory. From the 1930s onwards the Karhumäki aeroplane factory, where in the early years only the company's own planes had been built and serviced, was asked to service Finnish Air Force planes as well.

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