Kuvalähde: Keski-Suomen museon kuva-arkisto.
(1810 - 1888)
priest, teacher, founder and director of the teacher training college

Uno Cygnaeus (1810-1888) was ordained into the priesthood in 1837. He served as a priest and teacher in Vyborg and St. Petersburg and in 1839-45 on the island of Sitka in Alaska, where he worked for a Russian-American trading company. In 1861 Cygnaeus was appointed chief inspector of public schools.

Cygnaeus, who was well versed in the pedagogical views of the time and in the school systems of various countries, was ordered by the Senate to draw up a proposal for the setting up of a teacher training college and public school system in Jyväskylä. The teacher training college was launched in pursuance of Cygnaeus' proposal and under his leadership in 1863.

Cygnaeus took his models from Central Europe.The college in Jyväskylä, which had both male and female sections and where students lived on the campus, was considered a bold solution in its time.

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