Kuvalähde: Suomen kansallismuseo.
(1844 - 1897)
writer, authority on social issues

Minna Canth (1844-1897), a writer, was a newspaperwoman and a person with great influence on society, a proponent of international thinking and cultural trends, a single parent and a businesswoman. In 1863 she was one of the first female students to study to become a public school teacher at the Jyväskylä teacher training college which had just been founded. During her stay in Jyväskylä Minna Canth wrote for newspapers ('Keski-Suomi ' and 'Päijänne') not only news stories, but also about such things as temperance, the education of women and other popular education. She was the first newspaperwoman to write in Finnish. She also took a courageous stand on social issues.

The first book by Canth was called Novelleja ja kertomuksia (short stories) and was published in Jyväskylä in 1878. Canth is a significant Finnish language playwright, too. In fact, Canth can be regarded as a modernising influence on the country's literature and a pioneer of Finnish realism.

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