Kuvalähde: Suomen kansallismuseo.
(1791 - 1858)
advocate of the Finnish cause, librarian

"We are not Swedish, we won't become Russian, let us therefore be Finnish" is the best-known utterance of A. I. Arwidsson (1791-1858), an advocate of the Finnish cause. Arwidsson was born in Padasjoki and moved to Laukaa in 1804 after his father had become the vicar of that parish. Arwidsson familiarised himself with the heritage and dialect of Laukaa. He regarded Laukaa as part of western Savo culturally. While Arwidsson studied at the Academy of Turku, he made excursions from Laukaa to Savo to collect poems. Arwidsson is known as an early contributor to the national awakening and advocate of the Finnish cause, compelled as a result of his political writings dealing with the fate and future of Finland to move to Sweden. A memorial commemorating Arwidsson was unveiled near Laukaa church in connection with the 400th anniversary of the municipality in 1994.

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