The administrative district of Central Finland was founded by statute on 15th January, 1960. The district administration commenced operation in Jyväskylä on 1st March, 1960. The first governor of Central Finland was Eino Palovesi. The new offices complemented provincial administrative circles. The tasks of the Provincial State Office included such things as the control of planning, construction, fire fighting, traffic, economic, social, health care, cultural and police affairs.

Following the founding of the administrative district of Central Finland the province's population climbed to almost 270 000 people. Mechanisation of farms and more effective production methods led to problems of overproduction. Big farms survived, but owners of small farms were forced to try new occupations and move to built-up areas and industrial centres. Some of the province's workforce went to Sweden and the south of Finland to look for work. The migration was in part responsible for changes in land areas of the municipalities. Areas were merged all over the province. The University of Jyväskylä started in 1966.