After the Continuation War the Regional Council of Central Finland submitted a proposal to the government that the administrative district of Central Finland be formed. Owing to the cession of Karelia and the need to set up new administrative districts, the proposal was in compliance with government aims. According to the proposal, 38 municipalities would form the district. In 1940 there were 180 000 inhabitants and evacuees in the province. The new division into districts was deliberated in 1945 and the government drafted a bill concerning the number of districts. The matter was discussed in the Parliament a number of times in 1946-48, but in the end the bill was rejected after a vote.

Despite the arguments put forward by the people of the province, the founding of the district was postponed again. The housing committee set up for the emergency settlement of evacuees covered the entire province. The Labour District of Central Finland was established in Jyväskylä in 1942. The Road and Waterway Construction District of Central Finland and the Extraordinary Agricultural Engineering District of Central Finland, both founded towards the end of the decade, brought new tasks pertaining to district administration to Jyväskylä.