Increased fertility and decreased mortality spelled more new settlements and farms in Central Finland. There was ample room for new cultivated fields in the province. In 1840 there were in excess of 2800 farms and 2500 tenant farms in Central Finland. Jyväskylä had nearly 600 inhabitants at the turn of the 1840s and 1850s - about 12 % of the people of the rural congregation of Jyväskylä lived in town.

A canal bypassing the Vaajakoski rapids was completed in the 1840s, when sailing schooners trafficking in the southern part of Lake Päijänne carried boards to Anianpelto. Four bloomeries were founded in Central Finland. The bloomeries or ironworks that heated lake or bog ore until fit for forging were located in Karstula, Pihtipudas and Petäjävesi. Central Finland's post office was moved to Jyväskylä.