The boundary posts of the Naarajärvi hunting map are fully traceable even on today's maps. On the borders of Äänekoski and Saarijärvi there is a lake called Naarajärvi. The border points continue to be the Hujala bog, Lake Iso Hirvasjärvi, Haapamäki, Karanaanvuori and Ukonsyrjä. All told the map has 12 boundary marks. The hunting area stretched from Lake Naarajärvi in the north to Vehniä in the south and from Lake Hirvasjärvi in the east to Lake Lannevesi in the west. The area covers about 150 square kilometres - quite a large hunting ground for one man in Central Finland. Amusingly enough, this almost medieval occupancy can still be seen on today's maps. In the big reallocation the line between Lake Iso Hirvasjärvi and the Hujala bog became the border line between two allocation areas and this line is exactly where the present E75 road was constructed in the 1950s. In fact, when we drive a distance of 5-6 kilometres north of the Hirvaskangas junction along the dead straight road, we follow the old hunting area line.